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Author(s): Celia M. Chazelle, Anthony T Edwards
Categories: Literary Criticism > Medieval, Religion > History
Publisher: Brepols (distributed)
Publish date: 2003-12-31
ISBN-10: 2503514049
ISBN-13: 9782503514048
Language: English
Description: Knowledge of the Bible was the foundation of Carolingian intellectual life. Charlemagne's great capitulary, the Admonitio generalis, and his De litteris colendis leave no doubt that correct understanding of scripture, by both laity and the clergy responsible for communicating its message, was central to the king's efforts to lead his people to salvation. Biblical exegesis was the overwhelmingly dominant form of literary production during the Carolingian epoch, not only in terms of the many original works but also in terms of the numerous copies made of older exegetical treatises. The substantial number of extant manuscripts of Carolingian... more...
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A Different Light : The Big Book of Hanukkah (by Barbara Spectre, Noam Zion) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/a-different-light-the-big-book-of-hanukkah
Author(s): Barbara Spectre, Noam Zion
Categories: Religion > Judaism
Publisher: Devora Pub
Publish date: 2000-11-01
ISBN-10: 1930143346
ISBN-13: 9781930143340
Language: English
Description: Hanukkah thoughts and opinions by such contemporary Jewish thinkers as David Harman, Irving Greenberg, Chaim Potok, Daniel Gordis, and the Lubavitcher Rabbi. Includes modern Jewish profiles in courage of Janusz Korczak; The King of Children in the Warsaw Ghetto, Chana Szenes: The Heroine Flown Into Hungary, an Yoni Netanyahu: The Hero of Entebbe.
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 10:46:05 GMT
A History of Chess: From Chaturanga to the Present Day (by Yuri Averbakh) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/a-history-of-chess-from-chaturanga-to-the-present-day
Author(s): Yuri Averbakh
Categories: Games > Chess
Publisher: Russell Enterprises, Inc.
Publish date: 2012-12-01
ISBN-10: 1936490447
ISBN-13: 9781936490448
Language: English
Description: Chess: An Historical Perspective Chess – the “Royal Game” – is an ancient board game, perhaps fifteen hundred years old. There are many legends about how chess came to be. Most of them are folk tales and are far from reality. Arguably more books have been written about chess than all the other games combined, but relatively little has been written about the history of chess. The topic is difficult; it requires thorough knowledge, and there are still many unknown historical pitfalls. It is therefore no surprise that there exist a variety of hypotheses concerning the origin of chess. In this book, the author, legendary Russian grandmaster... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 10:46:02 GMT
Enterprise Mac Security: Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Books for Professionals by Professionals) (by Charles Edge, William Barker, Beau Hunter, Gene Sullivan) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/enterprise-mac-security-mac-os-x-snow-leopard-books-for-professionals-by-professionals
Author(s): Charles Edge, William Barker, Beau Hunter, Gene Sullivan
Categories: Computers > Cryptography, Computers > Operating Systems
Publisher: Apress
Publish date: 2010-06-07
ISBN-10: 1430227303
ISBN-13: 9781430227304
Language: English
Description: A common misconception in the Mac community is that Mac’s operating system is more secure than others. While this might be true in certain cases, security on the Mac is still a crucial issue. When sharing is enabled or remote control applications are installed, Mac OS X faces a variety of security threats. Enterprise Mac Security: Mac OS X Snow Leopard is a definitive, expert-driven update of the popular, slash-dotted first edition and was written in part as a companion to the SANS Institute course for Mac OS X. It contains detailed Mac OS X security information, and walkthroughs on securing systems, including the new Snow Leopard operating... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:52:02 GMT
Enterprise Mac Managed Preferences (by Edward Marczak, Greg Neagle) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/enterprise-mac-managed-preferences
Author(s): Edward Marczak, Greg Neagle
Categories: Computers > Hardware, Computers > Operating Systems, Reference > General, Computers > Development, Computers > Software Engineering
Publisher: Apress
Publish date: 2010-08-18
ISBN-10: 1430229373
ISBN-13: 9781430229377
Language: English
Description: Many systems administrators on the Mac need a way to manage machine configuration after initial setup and deployment. Apple’s Managed Preferences system (also known as MCX) is under-documented, often misunderstood, and sometimes outright unknown by systems administrators. MCX is usually deployed in conjunction with an OS X server, but it can also be used in Windows environments or where no dedicated server exists at all. Enterprise Mac Managed Preferences is the definitive guide to Apple’s Managed Client technology. With this book, you’ll get the following: An example-driven guide to Mac OS X Managed Preferences/Client technology... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:42:03 GMT
Divine Games: Game Theory and the Undecidability of a Superior Being (The MIT Press) (by Steven J. Brams) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/divine-games-game-theory-and-the-undecidability-of-a-superior-being-the-mit-press
Author(s): Steven J. Brams
Categories: Religion > General
Publisher: The MIT Press
Publish date: 2018-09-18
ISBN-10: 0262038331
ISBN-13: 9780262038331
Language: English
Description: A game-theoretical analysis of interactions between a human being and an omnipotent and omniscient godlike being highlights the inherent unknowability of the latter's superiority. In Divine Games, Steven Brams analyzes games that a human being might play with an omnipotent and omniscient godlike being. Drawing on game theory and his own theory of moves, Brams combines the analysis of thorny theological questions, suggested by Pascal's wager (which considers the rewards and penalties associated with belief or nonbelief in God) and Newcomb's problem (in which a godlike being has near omniscience) with the analysis of several... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:36:02 GMT
The Skeleton Revealed: An Illustrated Tour of the Vertebrates (by Steve Huskey) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/the-skeleton-revealed-an-illustrated-tour-of-the-vertebrates
Author(s): Steve Huskey
Categories: Medical > Anatomy, Science > Life Sciences, Science > Biology
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publish date: 2017-02-15
ISBN-10: 1421421488
ISBN-13: 9781421421483
Language: English
Description: The vertebrate skeleton is one of nature’s most amazing feats. Composed of cartilage and bone, it forms the supportive structure for all the remaining aspects of our anatomy. Stripped of skin, we can see the body’s fascinating underlying architecture. In this one-of-a-kind book, biologist and skeletal reconstructionist Steve Huskey lays bare the vertebrate skeleton, providing a guided tour of the nuanced differences among the many featured vertebrate species. Using skeletal preparations he has spent decades assembling, Huskey helps us understand why animals live the way they do. He shows us the jaw and fang structures... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:32:02 GMT
Becoming a Brilliant Trainer: A Teacher’s Guide to Running Sessions and Engaging Learners (by Simon Brownhill, Alan Denton) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/becoming-a-brilliant-trainer-a-teacher-s-guide-to-running-sessions-and-engaging-learners
Author(s): Simon Brownhill, Alan Denton
Categories: Education > Teaching Methods & Materials
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2017-10-26
ISBN-10: 9781138645
ISBN-13: 9781138645769
Language: English
Description: This essential guide provides both new and established trainers with accessible, innovative and engaging strategies to create an inspirational learning environment. This professional book is suitable for early years, primary and secondary teachers, school leaders and heads of department who are supporting their teaching colleagues in schools. It offers practical advice on planning and delivering great training sessions, including suggestions on how best to share existing knowledge in a group and how to combine dialogue and written text to effectively develop ideas in the classroom. The thinking behind each idea is not only... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:26:02 GMT
Soft Computing Techniques in Voltage Security Analysis (Energy Systems in Electrical Engineering) (by Abhijit Chakrabarti, Kabir Chakraborty) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/soft-computing-techniques-in-voltage-security-analysis-energy-systems-in-electrical-engineering
Author(s): Abhijit Chakrabarti, Kabir Chakraborty
Categories: Computers > Artificial Intelligence
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2015-03-05
ISBN-10: 8132223063
ISBN-13: 9788132223061
Language: English
Description: This book focuses on soft computing techniques for enhancing voltage security in electrical power networks. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been chosen as a soft computing tool, since such networks are eminently suitable for the study of voltage security. The different architectures of the ANNs used in this book are selected on the basis of intelligent criteria rather than by a “brute force” method of trial and error. The fundamental aim of this book is to present a comprehensive treatise on power system security and the simulation of power system security. The core concepts are substantiated by... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:22:03 GMT
Temperature- and Supply Voltage-Independent Time References for Wireless Sensor Networks (Analog Circuits and Signal Processing) (by Georges Gielen, Wim Dehaene, Valentijn De Smedt) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/temperature-and-supply-voltage-independent-time-references-for-wireless-sensor-networks-analog-circuits-and-signal-processing
Author(s): Georges Gielen, Wim Dehaene, Valentijn De Smedt
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2014-11-08
ISBN-10: 331909002X
ISBN-13: 9783319090023
Language: English
Description: This book investigates the possible circuit solutions to overcome the temperature and supply voltage-sensitivity of fully-integrated time references for ultra-low-power communication in wireless sensor networks. The authors provide an elaborate theoretical introduction and literature study to enable full understanding of the design challenges and shortcomings of current oscillator implementations. Furthermore, a closer look to the short-term as well as the long-term frequency stability of integrated oscillators is taken. Next, a design strategy is developed and applied to 5 different oscillator topologies and 1 sensor... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:12:07 GMT
Ancient Egyptian Furniture. Volume I: 4000 - 1300 BC (by Geoffrey Killen) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/ancient-egyptian-furniture-volume-i-4000-1300-bc
Author(s): Geoffrey Killen
Categories: History > Americas (North Central South West Indies), History > Ancient, Social Science > Archaeology
Publisher: Oxbow Books
Publish date: 2017-04-03
ISBN-10: 1785704818
ISBN-13: 9781785704819
Language: English
Description: This revised second edition examines the common forms of furniture used in ancient Egypt, so much of which has been preserved by the dry Egyptian climate and has long been admired for the quality of its design and construction. The story begins with the earliest known pieces and ends with the spectacular discoveries from the 18th dynasty represented mainly by the magnificent furniture from the tomb of Tutankhamun. The insight which Dr Killen brings in the detailed explanations of the materials, techniques and designs of the master craftsmen of ancient Egypt, gives this book a special significance. There is a catalogue of known pieces from museums... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:12:02 GMT
Machine Vision Algorithms and Applications (by Carsten Steger, Markus Ulrich, Christian Wiedemann) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/machine-vision-algorithms-and-applications
Author(s): Carsten Steger, Markus Ulrich, Christian Wiedemann
Categories: Science > Optics
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Publish date: 2018-03-12
ISBN-10: 3527413650
ISBN-13: 9783527413652
Language: English
Description: The second edition of this successful machine vision textbook is completely updated, revised and expanded by 35% to reflect the developments of recent years in the fields of image acquisition, machine vision algorithms and applications. The new content includes, but is not limited to, a discussion of new camera and image acquisition interfaces, 3D sensors and technologies, 3D reconstruction, 3D object recognition and state-of-the-art classification algorithms. The authors retain their balanced approach with sufficient coverage of the theory and a strong focus on applications. All examples are based on the latest version of the machine vision... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:02:07 GMT
Big on Bk: Current Insights into the Function of Large Conductance Voltage- and Ca2+- Activated K+ Channels at the Molecular, Cellular and Systemic ... 128 (International Review of Neurobiology) (by Candice Contet) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/big-on-bk-current-insights-into-the-function-of-large-conductance-voltage-and-ca2-activated-k-channels-at-the-molecular-cellular-and-systemic-128
Author(s): Candice Contet
Categories: Science > Biology
Publisher: Academic Press
Publish date: 2016-06-10
ISBN-10: 0128036192
ISBN-13: 9780128036198
Language: English
Description: Big on Bk: Current Insights into the Function of Large Conductance Voltage- and Ca2+- Activated K+ Channels at the Molecular, Cellular and Systemic Levels, a volume in the International Review of Neurobiology series, is a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art research into this area. It reviews current knowledge and understanding, and also provides a starting point for researchers and practitioners entering the field. The latest volume in the International Review of Neurobiology series Provides a broad coverage of subject matter at the molecular, cellular and systemic levels Presents an ideal resource for... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:02:02 GMT
Ultra-Low Input Power Conversion Circuits based on Tunnel-FETs (is a series of comprehensive academic and professional books which focus on theory and ... into the latest research and developments.) (by Francesc Moll, David Cavalheiro, Stanimir Valtchev) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/ultra-low-input-power-conversion-circuits-based-on-tunnel-fets-is-a-series-of-comprehensive-academic-and-professional-books-which-focus-on-theory-and
Author(s): Francesc Moll, David Cavalheiro, Stanimir Valtchev
Categories: Computers > Microprocessors, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: River Publishers
Publish date: 2018-07-27
ISBN-10: 8793609760
ISBN-13: 9788793609761
Language: English
Description: The increasing demand in electronic portability imposes low power consumption as a key metric to analog and digital circuit design. Tunnel FET (TFET) devices have been explored mostly in digital circuits, showing promising results for ultra-low power and energy efficient circuit applications. The TFET presents a low inverse sub-threshold slope (SS) that allows a low leakage energy consumption, desirable in many digital circuits, especially memories. In this book, the TFET is explored as an alternative technology also for ultra-low power and voltage conversion and management circuits, suitable for weak energy harvesting (EH) sources. The TFET... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 08:56:05 GMT
On-chip High-Voltage Generator Design: Design Methodology for Charge Pumps (Analog Circuits and Signal Processing) (by Toru Tanzawa) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/on-chip-high-voltage-generator-design-design-methodology-for-charge-pumps-analog-circuits-and-signal-processing
Author(s): Toru Tanzawa
Categories: Computers > Computer Science
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2015-09-26
ISBN-10: 331921974X
ISBN-13: 9783319219745
Language: English
Description: This book provides various design techniques for switched-capacitor on-chip high-voltage generators, including charge pump circuits, regulators, level shifters, references, and oscillators. Readers will see these techniques applied to system design in order to address the challenge of how the on-chip high-voltage generator is designed for Flash memories, LCD drivers, and other semiconductor devices to optimize the entire circuit area and power efficiency with a low voltage supply, while minimizing the cost. This new edition includes a variety of useful updates, including coverage of power efficiency and comprehensive optimization methodologies for... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 08:56:02 GMT
MOS Devices for Low-Voltage and Low-Energy Applications (by Yasuhisa Omura, Abhijit Mallik, Naoto Matsuo) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/mos-devices-for-low-voltage-and-low-energy-applications
Author(s): Yasuhisa Omura, Abhijit Mallik, Naoto Matsuo
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Publish date: 2017-02-28
ISBN-10: 1119107350
ISBN-13: 9781119107354
Language: English
Description: Helps readers understand the physics behind MOS devices for low-voltage and low-energy applications • Based on timely published and unpublished work written by expert authors • Discusses various promising MOS devices applicable to low-energy environmental and biomedical uses • Describes the physical effects (quantum, tunneling) of MOS devices • Demonstrates the performance of devices, helping readers to choose right devices applicable to an industrial or consumer environment • Addresses some Ge-based devices and other compound-material-based devices for high-frequency applications and future development of high performance devices.... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 08:52:05 GMT
Pocket Guide to Clinical Microbiology (by Christopher Doern) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/pocket-guide-to-clinical-microbiology
Author(s): Christopher Doern
Categories: Medical > Infectious Diseases, Medical > Laboratory Medicine, Medical > Microbiology
Publisher: ASM Press
Publish date: 2018-04-01
ISBN-10: 168367006X
ISBN-13: 9781683670063
Language: English
Description: Quick reference to clinical microbiology If you work in the clinical laboratory, this pocket guide will help you confidently identify most organisms you could encounter. This useful updated edition continues to present valuable quick-reference information to the clinical microbiology community in a small package. Along with specifics on pathogenic microorganisms, there is updated information on effectively using essential molecular diagnostic techniques for today’s challenges. You will find guidance on: MALDI-TOF MS performance for individual bacteria, mycobacteria, and fungi Nucleic acid amplification... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 08:52:02 GMT
Power-to-Gas (by Méziane Boudellal) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/power-to-gas
Author(s): Méziane Boudellal
Categories: Science > Chemistry
Publisher: De Gruyter
Publish date: 2018-02-05
ISBN-10: 3110558815
ISBN-13: 9783110558814
Language: English
Description: How can we use hydrogen to improve our green energy portfolio? Power-to-Gas analyzes the production of hydrogen via electrolysis and conversion of hydrogen for storage and fuels. It relates the need for new technologies with global energy consumption, markets, and logistics. Pilot projects around the world are discussed as well as how policy and economics influence the real use of these energy harvesting and conversion technologies.
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 08:46:07 GMT
Extremal Problems for Finite Sets (Student Mathematical Library) (by Peter Frankl, Norihide Tokushige) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/extremal-problems-for-finite-sets-student-mathematical-library
Author(s): Peter Frankl, Norihide Tokushige
Categories: Mathematics > General
Publisher: American Mathematical Society
Publish date: 2018-08-15
ISBN-10: 1470440393
ISBN-13: 9781470440398
Language: English
Description: One of the great appeals of Extremal Set Theory as a subject is that the statements are easily accessible without a lot of mathematical background, yet the proofs and ideas have applications in a wide range of fields including combinatorics, number theory, and probability theory. Written by two of the leading researchers in the subject, this book is aimed at mathematically mature undergraduates, and highlights the elegance and power of this field of study. The first half of the book provides classic results with some new proofs including a complete proof of the Ahlswede Khachatrian theorem as well as some recent progress on the Erd s matching... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 08:46:02 GMT
Encyclopedia of Cyber Warfare (by Paul J. Springer) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/encyclopedia-of-cyber-warfare
Author(s): Paul J. Springer
Categories: Computers > Computer Science, History > Military, Political Science > General, Reference > Encyclopedias, Technology & Engineering > Engineering (General)
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Publish date: 2017-07-07
ISBN-10: 1440844240
ISBN-13: 9781440844249
Language: English
Description: This definitive reference resource on cyber warfare covers all aspects of this headline topic, providing historical context of cyber warfare and an examination its rapid development into a potent technological weapon of the 21st century. • Provides comprehensive coverage of the major individuals, organizations, impacts, and issues related to cyber warfare that enables readers to better understanding of the impact of cyber warfare on modern conflicts • Includes a detailed chronology that documents the evolution and use of cyber warfare over the past few decades • Supplies further readings and a lengthy... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 08:42:02 GMT
Bake with Shivesh (by Shivesh Bhatia) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/bake-with-shivesh
Author(s): Shivesh Bhatia
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Publish date: 2018-11-05
ISBN-10: 9353023114
ISBN-13: 9789353023119
Language: English
Description: Social media is a place where it is more important to document what you ate or cooked than whether you enjoyed your meal. It is a world obsessed with the aesthetics of food presentation and styling; where every like and follower increases your circle of influence and makes big brands sit up and take notice. Food styling has thus become a skill many want to master, but don t know how. This is not your regular cookbook. Popular food blogger and maverick baker Shivesh Bhatia includes carefully curated recipes. He provides fool-proof tips on food styling that can be easily followed at home, in your kitchen, with tools you already own. In Bake with... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 08:36:02 GMT
Lean Transportation Management: Using Logistics as a Strategic Differentiator (by Mohamed Achahchah) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/lean-transportation-management-using-logistics-as-a-strategic-differentiator
Author(s): Mohamed Achahchah
Categories: Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Management Science, Business & Economics > Production & Operations Management, Business & Economics > Quality Control
Publisher: Productivity Press
Publish date: 2018-10-02
ISBN-10: 9781138592
ISBN-13: 9781138592278
Language: English
Description: This book provides an overview of the key transportation management processes from a shipper’s perspective. It enables managers to gain quick insight in the added value of transportation as a strategic differentiator, its key drivers, and guidelines on how to use them in an effective and efficient decision-making process. It explains how to identify and eliminate waste using basic Lean tools and proven concepts. The reader is guided on how to start implementing the Lean methodology and best practices in the industry to realize significant savings. Companies such as Adidas and Amazon are using transportation to increase... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 07:52:05 GMT
Charge-Sharing SAR ADCs for Low-Voltage Low-Power Applications (Analog Circuits and Signal Processing) (by Taimur Rabuske, Jorge Fernandes) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/charge-sharing-sar-adcs-for-low-voltage-low-power-applications-analog-circuits-and-signal-processing
Author(s): Taimur Rabuske, Jorge Fernandes
Categories: Unknown
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-08-03
ISBN-10: 3319396234
ISBN-13: 9783319396231
Language: English
Description: This book introduces readers to the potential of charge-sharing (CS) successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), while providing extensive analysis of the factors that limit the performance of the CS topology. The authors present guidelines and useful techniques for mitigating the limitations of the architecture, while focusing on the implementation under restricted power budgets and voltage supplies.
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 07:52:02 GMT
Basic Electrical Installation Work (by Trevor Linsley) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/basic-electrical-installation-work
Author(s): Trevor Linsley
Categories: House & Home > General
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2018-08-26
ISBN-10: 113860321X
ISBN-13: 9781138603219
Language: English
Description: Everything needed to pass the first part of the City & Guilds 2365 Diploma in Electrical Installations. Basic Electrical Installation Work will be of value to students taking the first year course of an electrical installation apprenticeship, as well as lecturers teaching it. The book provides answers to all of the 2365 syllabus learning outcomes, and one chapter is dedicated to each of the five units in the City & Guilds course. This edition is brought up to date and in line with the 18th Edition of the IET Regulations: It can be used to support independent learning or a college based course of study... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 07:42:07 GMT
Voltage-gated Sodium Channels: Structure, Function and Channelopathies (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology) (by Mohamed Chahine) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/voltage-gated-sodium-channels-structure-function-and-channelopathies-handbook-of-experimental-pharmacology
Author(s): Mohamed Chahine
Categories: Medical > Biochemistry, Medical > Genetics, Medical > Pharmacology, Medical > Physiology, Science > Biology
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2018-06-05
ISBN-10: 3319902830
ISBN-13: 9783319902838
Language: English
Description: This book provides a timely state-of-the-art overview of voltage-gated sodium channels, their structure-function, their pharmacology and related diseases. Among the topics discussed are the structural basis of Na+ channel function, methodological advances in the study of Na+ channels, their pathophysiology and drugs and toxins interactions with these channels and their associated channelopathies.
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 07:42:03 GMT
Early Modern East Asia: War, Commerce, and Cultural Exchange (Asian States and Empires) (by Tonio Andrade, Kenneth M. Swope) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/early-modern-east-asia-war-commerce-and-cultural-exchange-asian-states-and-empires
Author(s): Tonio Andrade, Kenneth M. Swope
Categories: History > Asia, Social Science > General
Publisher: Routledge
Publish date: 2017-11-10
ISBN-10: 1138235229
ISBN-13: 9781138235229
Language: English
Description: This book presents a great deal of new primary research on a wide range of aspects of early modern East Asia. Focusing primarily on maritime connections, the book explores the importance of international trade networks, the implications of technological dissemination, and the often unforeseen consequences of missionary efforts. It demonstrates the benefi ts of a global history approach, outlining the complex interactions between Western traders and Asian states and entrepreneurs. Overall, the book presents much interesting new material on this complicated and understudied period. .
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 07:36:03 GMT
Ember.js in Action (by Joachim Haagen Skeie) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/ember-js-in-action
Author(s): Joachim Haagen Skeie
Categories: Computers > Programming, Computers > Programming Languages, Reference > General
Publisher: Manning Publications
Publish date: 2014-06-23
ISBN-10: 1617291455
ISBN-13: 9781617291456
Language: English
Description: Summary Ember.js in Action is a crisp tutorial that introduces the Ember.js framework and shows you how to build production-quality web applications. You'll begin with the basic architecture: client- and server-side MVC, integrating Ember.js with your favorite back end, handling data ... and more. You'll explore the amazing Handlebars templating engine that automatically updates your apps when the data behind them changes. Along the way, you'll develop a complete Ember.js application and learn how to deploy, administer, and update it efficiently. Purchase of the print book includes a... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 07:26:02 GMT
Enterprise iPhone and iPad Administrator's Guide (Books for Professionals by Professionals) (by Charles Edge) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/enterprise-iphone-and-ipad-administrators-guide-books-for-professionals-by-professionals
Author(s): Charles Edge
Categories: Computers > Operating Systems, Reference > General, Computers > Development, Computers > Software Engineering
Publisher: Apress
Publish date: 2010-11-23
ISBN-10: 1430230096
ISBN-13: 9781430230090
Language: English
Description: Are you an IT professional involved in deploying the iPhone and or iPad in your company or organization? Do you have fellow employees who are eager to use their iPhones and iPads for work? Then this is the book for you. Enterprise iPhone and iPad Administrator’s Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to deploy and integrate the iPhone within a range of professional environments—from large businesses and educational institutions to medium-sized offices. This book ensures that the process is achieved in a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective manner. The guide begins with an introduction to basic deployment... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 07:16:02 GMT
Atlas of World Religions (Fortress Atlases) (by Tim Dowley) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/atlas-of-world-religions-fortress-atlases
Author(s): Tim Dowley
Categories: Religion > Comparative Religion, Religion > History, Travel > Maps & Road Atlases
Publisher: Fortress Press
Publish date: 2018-10-01
ISBN-10: 145149968X
ISBN-13: 9781451499681
Language: English
Description: Understanding the where of the world's religious traditions is an important component of understanding the what. Now, as part of a brand-new series of atlas resources, Fortress Press is pleased to offer an affordable, compact yet comprehensive atlas of world religions. Atlas of World Religions is newly built from the ground up. Featuring more than fifty new maps, graphics, and timelines, the atlas is an immensely helpful companion to any study of world religions. Concise, helpful text written by acknowledged authorities guides the experience and interprets the visuals. Consciously written for students at any level, the... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 07:06:02 GMT
Good Housekeeping Easy Gluten-Free!: Healthy and Delicious Recipes for Every Meal (by Good Housekeeping) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/good-housekeeping-easy-gluten-free-healthy-and-delicious-recipes-for-every-meal
Author(s): Good Housekeeping
Categories: Health & Fitness > Diets
Publisher: Hearst
Publish date: 2012-04-03
ISBN-10: 1588168700
ISBN-13: 9781588168702
Language: English
Description: Going gluten-free is easy, thanks to Good Housekeeping's user-friendly and enticing new cookbook. It takes the challenge out of preparing tasty dishes for every meal. In addition to mouthwatering recipes for Morning Glory Muffins, Spaghetti Squash “Pasta” Puttanesca, and Flourless Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake, this collection contains a wealth of information on how to eliminate gluten from your diet. It helps you tell if you may benefit from a gluten-free diet; shop for, and cook with, readily available gluten-free ingredients; avoid hidden gluten in packaged foods and pantry staples;... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:56:07 GMT
Weeknight Vegetarian (by Ivy Manning) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/weeknight-vegetarian
Author(s): Ivy Manning
Categories: Cooking > Vegetarian
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publish date: 2015-01-13
ISBN-10: 1616288159
ISBN-13: 9781616288150
Language: English
Description: Weeknight Vegetarian shows how to put a delicious, wholesome meatless meal on the table on any schedule. It offers quick, easy, and healthy meatless dinner ideas for any time of the year, with dozens of choices for any occasion. Using fresh produce, whole grains, vegetable-based protein, and healthy fats as the foundation, author Ivy Manning transforms fresh ingredients into tempting dishes. Organized by season, chapters open with advice about the fresh ingredients and cooking methods best suited to the time of year. Clever tips throughout offer enticing ways to reound out meatless meals, customize recipes to personal tastes, menu planning... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:56:02 GMT
Weeknight Fresh & Fast (Williams-Sonoma): Simple, Healthy Meals for Every Night of the Week (by Kristine Kidd) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/weeknight-fresh-and-fast-williams-sonoma-simple-healthy-meals-for-every-night-of-the-week
Author(s): Kristine Kidd
Categories: Cooking > General
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publish date: 2011-03-01
ISBN-10: 1616280573
ISBN-13: 9781616280574
Language: English
Description: Simple, healthy meals for every night of the week. Weeknight Fresh & Fast shows how to put a delicious, wholesome meal on the table every night of the week. Reflecting author Kristine Kidd’s practical and flavorful approach to cooking, it offers quick, easy, and healthy dinner ideas for any time of the year, with dozens of choices for poultry, meat, seafood, pasta, egg dishes, soups, stews and more. Using fresh produce as the foundation, Kidd transforms fresh ingredients into delicious dishes: a lemony sauté of chicken cutlets, asparagus, and sugar snaps is perfect in the springtime; quickly grilled lamb chops with chunky peach salsa make... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:52:02 GMT
Crochet Precious Baby Booties 8740501 (by Deborah Hamburg) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/crochet-precious-baby-booties-8740501
Author(s): Deborah Hamburg
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Annie's
Publish date: 2003-08-01
ISBN-10: 1931171246
ISBN-13: 9781931171243
Language: English
Description: Twelve soft pairs to caress baby's feet.
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:46:03 GMT
My Year in Meals and My Year in Cocktails (by Rachael Ray, John Cusimano) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/my-year-in-meals-and-my-year-in-cocktails
Author(s): Rachael Ray, John Cusimano
Categories: Cooking > Beverages, Cooking > Regional & Ethnic
Publisher: Atria Books
Publish date: 2012-11-13
ISBN-10: 9781451659
ISBN-13: 9781451659726
Language: English
Description: For the first time, #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachael Ray offers fans a glimpse into her own kitchen diary. From everyday meals to complicated culinary feats, Rachael reveals what she herself cooks for her family and friends for one whole year. Ever wonder what Rachael Ray cooks when the cameras aren’t rolling? Here she gives you an inside look into her kitchen for one full year. My Year in Meals offers intimate access to tasty dishes that will take you from breakfast to dinner. From the meals she whips up at a moment’s notice to family feasts, and dishes inspired by her travels around the world, you can now enjoy twelve incredible... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:06:07 GMT
Explore Naples & the Amalfi Coast: The best routes around the region (by Insight Guides) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/explore-naples-and-the-amalfi-coast-the-best-routes-around-the-region
Author(s): Insight Guides
Categories: Travel > Europe
Publisher: Insight Guides
Publish date: 2014-05-01
ISBN-10: 1780056613
ISBN-13: 9781780056616
Language: English
Description: A trip to Naples and the nearby Amalfi Coast gives you the quintessential Italian experience. Start with the maze of chaotic, cobbled streets and the best pizza in the world in Naples’ historic center then go live the high life on the magical island of Capri, playground of the rich and famous. Culture buffs won’t want to miss the extraordinary ancient site of Pompeii, which offers a fascinating insight into lives of the Ancient Romans and is undergoing a $140 million facelift. The brand-new Explore Naples and the Amalfi Coast is your perfect companion to the region with 12 self-guided easy-to-follow routes. Insight’s... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:06:02 GMT
Creative Contradictions in Education: Cross Disciplinary Paradoxes and Perspectives (Creativity Theory and Action in Education) (by Bharath Sriraman, Ronald A. Beghetto) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/creative-contradictions-in-education-cross-disciplinary-paradoxes-and-perspectives-creativity-theory-and-action-in-education
Author(s): Bharath Sriraman, Ronald A. Beghetto
Categories: Education > Curricula, Education > Educational Psychology, Education > Professional Development
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-10-01
ISBN-10: 3319219235
ISBN-13: 9783319219233
Language: English
Description: Creative Contradictions in Education is a provocative collection of essays by international experts who tackle difficult questions about creativity in education from a cross-disciplinary perspective. The contributors to this volume examine and provide fresh insights into the tensions and contradictions that researchers and educators face when attempting to understand and apply creativity in educational contexts.    Creativity in education is surrounded by many contradictions. Teachers generally value creativity, but question the role it can and should play in their classroom. Many educators find themselves feeling caught between the... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:02:09 GMT
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Programming (2nd Edition) (by Greg Perry) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/absolute-beginners-guide-to-programming-2nd-edition
Author(s): Greg Perry
Categories: Computers > Programming, Computers > Programming Languages, Reference > General, Computers > Software
Publisher: Que
Publish date: 2001-04-10
ISBN-10: 0789725290
ISBN-13: 9780789725295
Language: English
Description: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Programming, Second Edition, will help the reader understand what programming really is. The reader not only gets an overview of the job of programming, but also learns which specific skills are needed for certain jobs. The reader will understand how a computer interprets a program's instructions and gain insight into what goes on "under the hood" when a computer runs a program. Learn how programming can and does relate to the Internet and learn about the skills required for adding security to programs. Understand complied versus other kinds of programs such as interpreted languages like JavaScript and HTML, which... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:02:07 GMT
Edusemiotics – A Handbook (by Inna Semetsky) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/edusemiotics-a-handbook
Author(s): Inna Semetsky
Categories: Education > Educational Psychology, Education > Philosophy & Social Aspects, Philosophy > General
Publisher: Springer
Publish date: 2016-12-27
ISBN-10: 9811014930
ISBN-13: 9789811014932
Language: English
Description: Edusemiotics is a pioneering area of study that connects semiotics – the science of signs – with educational theory and the philosophy of education. This volume reflects cutting-edge research by scholars in education and in semiotics worldwide, bridging the two discourses to present the state of the art in this new transdisciplinary field.  The book’s emphasis is on educational theory as based on semiotic philosophy: as such, it challenges the current conception of semiotics in education as merely a sub-branch of applied semiotics. It presents edusemiotics as a novel unified conceptual framework at the interface... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:02:02 GMT
L'imperfetta meraviglia (by Unknown) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/limperfetta-meraviglia
Author(s): Unknown
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publish date:
ISBN-10: 8809834445
ISBN-13: 9788809834446
Language: English
Description: No description available
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:56:08 GMT
The Lost Wreck of the Isis (Time Quest Book) (by Anna Marguerite McCann, Robert D. Ballard, Rick Archbold) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/the-lost-wreck-of-the-isis-time-quest-book
Author(s): Anna Marguerite McCann, Robert D. Ballard, Rick Archbold
Categories: Children's Books > General
Publisher: Scholastic
Publish date: 1990-10-01
ISBN-10: 0590438522
ISBN-13: 9780590438520
Language: English
Description: Dr. Ballard visits the Mediterranean to explore a Roman shipwreck site and investigate an active underwater volcano.
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:56:02 GMT
Plastics Packaging 3e (by Susan Selke) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/plastics-packaging-3e
Author(s): Susan Selke
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co
Publish date: 2014-11-01
ISBN-10: 3446407901
ISBN-13: 9783446407909
Language: English
Description: Plastic materials continue to play a vital and growing role in packaging applications. It is thus more important than ever that all involved in the packaging industry command a basic understanding of the properties of the common packaging plastics. This highly regarded book provides just that to students and packaging professionals alike: material properties and how they relate to the chemical structure of the polymers, common processing methods for packaging applications, help with writing specifications, designing, fabricating, testing, and controlling the quality of the plastic material are covered comprehensively. The third edition introduces... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:52:10 GMT
DSM Conference 2015 (by Maurer) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/dsm-conference-2015
Author(s): Maurer
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co
Publish date: 2015-10-30
ISBN-10: 9783446445
ISBN-13: 9783446445734
Language: English
Description: No description available
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:52:05 GMT
Explore Bali: The best routes around the island (by Insight Guides) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/explore-bali-the-best-routes-around-the-island
Author(s): Insight Guides
Categories: Travel > Asia
Publisher: Insight Guides
Publish date: 2014-05-01
ISBN-10: 9781780056
ISBN-13: 9781780056647
Language: English
Description: For a tiny island in the world’s largest archipelago, Bali is blessed with astonishing diversity, with ancient temples, hedonistic beach parties, world-class surfing and traditional villages. Explore Bali is part of a brand-new series and is the ideal pocket companion for your trip: a full-color guide containing 12 easy-to-follow routes around the island, taking in Bali’s cultural hub of Ubud, the Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and the white-sand, crystal-clear waters of Nusa Lembongan. Insight’s trademark cultural coverage sets the routes in context, with introductions to Balinese cuisine, villages where craftsmen sell... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:46:11 GMT
Explore Italian Lakes: The best routes around the region (by Insight Guides) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/explore-italian-lakes-the-best-routes-around-the-region
Author(s): Insight Guides
Categories: Travel > Europe
Publisher: Insight Guides
Publish date: 2014-05-01
ISBN-10: 9781780056
ISBN-13: 9781780056630
Language: English
Description: With their mild climate, clear blue waters, and lush vegetation, the Italian Lakes are blessed with natural beauty. Add sports, culture, fashion, gastronomy and Hollywood celebrities, and you have the perfect vacation destination. Explore Italian Lakes, part of a brand-new series, is your perfect companion to the region with 18 self-guided routes – from Lake Como, the most romantic of the Lakes, and charming Lake Iseo, to the chic cities of Bergamo and Milan. Insight’s trademark cultural coverage sets the routes in context, with introductions to the local cuisine, as well as shopping, entertainment, and key historical... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:46:07 GMT
User's Guide to Plastic: A Handbook for Everyone (by Ulf Bruder) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/users-guide-to-plastic-a-handbook-for-everyone
Author(s): Ulf Bruder
Categories: Science > General, Technology & Engineering > Chemical & Biochemical
Publisher: Hanser
Publish date: 2015-04-02
ISBN-10: 9781569905
ISBN-13: 9781569905722
Language: English
Description: Many technical books about plastics are too theoretical and difficult to read. This book offers something completely different; it is easy to read with many examples taken from everyday life. It is suitable for readers at secondary school and university levels, and it can be used for training activities in industry as well as for self-studies. Included are nearly 600 color images to illustrate the wide variety of plastics and process workflows used today. The book also contains a number of computer-based tools that can be downloaded from the author's website. With comprehensive coverage, this is probably the most versatile plastics handbook ever... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:46:02 GMT
Vegetarian Sushi Secrets: 101 Healthy and Delicious Recipes (by Marisa Baggett) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/vegetarian-sushi-secrets-101-healthy-and-delicious-recipes
Author(s): Marisa Baggett
Categories: Cooking > Regional & Ethnic, Cooking > Specific Ingredients
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publish date: 2016-10-11
ISBN-10: 4805313706
ISBN-13: 9784805313701
Language: English
Description: Everybody loves sushi. Now vegetarians can thoroughly enjoy it too! American sushi expert Marisa Baggett has been working passionately for years to perfect sushi recipes that take full advantage of the freshest garden vegetables, herbs, tofu, mushrooms and spices available at your local farmer's market or co-op. Her innovative use of sustainable ingredients like fresh asparagus, apple, daikon radish, basil, tomatoes, beets, corn, shiitake mushrooms and cucumbers set her sushi recipes apart from all others you may have seen. This vegetarian cookbook offers entirely new ways for localvores to enjoy their community supported agriculture and market... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:42:02 GMT
PVC Additives: Performance, Chemistry, Developments, and Sustainability (by Michael Schiller) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/pvc-additives-performance-chemistry-developments-and-sustainability
Author(s): Michael Schiller
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Hanser
Publish date: 2015-04-02
ISBN-10: 1569905436
ISBN-13: 9781569905432
Language: English
Description: PVC differs in its stabilization compared to other commodity plastics. Various metal compounds are suitable for the stabilization of PVC: lead, tin, calcium, magnesium, zinc, rare earths, and also almost-metal-free systems. These differences are described in the introductory part of this book, with their advantages, possibilities, and problems, from the perspective of the chemist but made understandable for salespeople and technicians. Numerous tables and figures are included, providing structures and physico-chemical data. A special section for beginners is dedicated to guiding formulations and test methods. A relatively short section deals with... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:36:05 GMT
Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor: A Master Class on Mentoring, Motivating, and Making It Work! (by Tim Gunn) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/tim-gunn-the-natty-professor-a-master-class-on-mentoring-motivating-and-making-it-work
Author(s): Tim Gunn
Categories: Biography & Autobiography > Artists, Architects, Photographers, Biography & Autobiography > Educators, Humor > General, Self-Help > Self-Esteem, Self-Help > Success
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publish date: 2015-03-24
ISBN-10: 1476780064
ISBN-13: 9781476780061
Language: English
Description: A timeless book of lessons on mentorship, teaching, and learning from New York Times bestselling author Tim Gunn, host of the Emmy Award–nominated Project Runway and the reality show Under the Gunn. Tim Gunn, America’s favorite reality TV cohost, is known for his kind but firm approach in providing wisdom, guidance, and support to the scores of design hopefuls on Project Runway. Having begun his fashion career as a teacher at Parsons The New School for Design, Tim knows more than a thing or two about mentorship and how to convey invaluable pearls of wisdom in an approachable, accessible manner. While Gunn’s Golden Rules showcased Tim “as... more...
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:36:02 GMT
Facilitation Made Easy: Practical Tips to Improve Meetings and Workshops (by Esther Cameron) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/facilitation-made-easy-practical-tips-to-improve-meetings-and-workshops
Author(s): Esther Cameron
Categories: Business & Economics > Decision Making & Problem Solving, Business & Economics > Human Resources & Personnel Management, Business & Economics > Management, Business & Economics > Skills
Publisher: Kogan Page
Publish date: 2005-06-01
ISBN-10: 0749443510
ISBN-13: 9780749443511
Language: English
Description: ""Facilitation Made Easy is packed with good advice...its particular strength is that it not only discusses what to do, but also explains why."" -- BJET
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:32:02 GMT
Berlitz: Dubai Pocket Guide (Berlitz Pocket Guides) (by Berlitz APA Publications Limited) http://bodymixer.com/ebook/berlitz-dubai-pocket-guide-berlitz-pocket-guides
Author(s): Berlitz APA Publications Limited
Categories: Non-Classifiable > Non-Classifiable
Publisher: Berlitz Publishing
Publish date: 2015-09-01
ISBN-10: 1780041985
ISBN-13: 9781780041988
Language: English
Description: No description available
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:26:14 GMT